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New West End DND Location

With the new DND location coming to the west end of Ottawa it has created a shift in where CAF members are living. As someone who specializes in military relocation, I have helped many clients relocate to the city. Over the past 3 years my clients have been desiring to live in the west-end suburbs […]

Posting Season

This is shaping up to be one the busiest posting years in recent memory. The budget looks good and I have many military clients on the move.  At the moment we are all in real estate limbo. Everyone knows they are moving in or out but don’t yet have their official message. I am told these […]

Ottawa vs Gatineau: The Great Debate

When relocating to Ottawa there is lots to consider. Some clients are always debating between purchasing in Gatineau or Ottawa. I have put together some information for you to consider. Living in Ottawa means living in the National Capital Region (NCR), which includes Gatineau, Quebec. Gatineau is so oft-ignored, but people who’ve lived in Ottawa […]


One question that is often asked of me is Why specialize in military relocation? The answer is quite simple. The people I have been fortunate to work with over the past 11 years have been incredible. There is lots of repeat business if you do a great job too. I have had one military client move to […]

Posted to Ottawa? Here are a few tips for your House Hunting Trip:

In 2016 the posting messages are coming in a bit earlier. Many are starting to receive verbal confirmation and are waiting for their posting message. If you have been transferred to Ottawa and are booking a house hunting trip there are a few important things to consider. Here are my top 3 tips: 1) Resale: […]

The Ottawa Economy

If you have been transferred to Ottawa, this short video will give you some insight into our local economy.  I hope Ottawa is a favourable posting for you.  It is great to get as much information about the city and the housing market prior to your arrival.  Please feel free to get in touch with […]

2016 Ottawa Real Estate Market Outlook

Ok, so you have just been posted to Ottawa. Congrats, Ottawa is an amazing city to be transferred to. It is important to get yourself familiarized with our real estate market. Here is what 2016 is shaping up to be in Ottawa Real Estate: At this time of year I am a maven for any […]

HHT – Door to Door Moves

As a member of the Canadian Forces you are responsible for arranging a door to door move when you are relocating. By doing so, you are ensuring a smooth transition between households which allows you have a stress free relocation, be back to work sooner and incur fewer expenses during the moving process. This style […]

Project “Lean Headquarters” Behind Schedule

This is an interesting development that may affect military postings into and out of Ottawa.  With the move to the new DND headquarters the military is making an effort to get leaner. Part of the Defence Renewal Program launched in 2013, the initiative to reduce the number of staff at Ottawa’s NDHQ by between 846 […]


Ottawa is a very popular destination for military postings. This has given me the opportunity to help dozens of military families get settled in Ottawa. Working with military families has always been the favourite part of my job.  Military clients understand the process and do what it takes to get their home ready for sale. […]