RCMP Relocation to Ottawa

Being Transferred to Ottawa?

We specialize in relocations to Ottawa. What started as military relocations has morphed into RCMP, corporate, and government transfers. Bottom line is they are all similar. You basically have a short window to purchase a house in a city that you may not be familiar with. It is a daunting task! Start Your RCMP Relocation home search today. Our team understands you need something that is good value and will resell quickly.

Starting Your Relocation to Ottawa

If you have received your transfer order to Ottawa it is best to schedule a call with us to start your home search. We can discuss everything that is important to you about your move to Ottawa.  We will chat about schools, workplace, style of house, neighbourhoods, and all the other important factors concerning your RCMP move.

Once we have all your criteria and top must-haves for your home purchase we will enter this information in our Ottawa home search database. You will start to receive emails matching the criteria you have provided via your own personal MLS portal. Communication leading up to your house hunting trip will be the key to success.

Your Relocation Team

Our team is here to help as we have helped many members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police relocate to Ottawa. Relocations to Ottawa are what we specialize in. We have a team to make sure every detail of your house hunting trip is taken care of. We know how important this week is in your life.  Please feel free to visit our google reviews and testimonials from other RCMP and military transfer clients. If you have any questions about relocating to Ottawa, or need more information, please call or email us.


Relocation Policy for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police:

Effective 1 Apr 2009 RCMP IRP Directive

Rates and Directories:
Travel Directive Meal Rates within Canada and the USA
Travel Directive Kilometric Rates
2011 Minister of Finance Kilometric Allowance
PWGSC Accommodation and Car Rental Directory