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Finding the Perfect Home in Ottawa’s Outskirts: A Winning House-Hunting Strategy

Posted on: June 1st, 2023 by Chris Scott

House hunting in Ottawa can be an intimidating endeavor, particularly due to the city’s extensive spread. Many buyers now seek better value by exploring the outskirts of the town. Recently, we had some wonderful clients who preferred locations such as Rockland, Limoges, Embrun, and Russell. These neighborhoods offered approximately $100,000 in savings when compared to a similar house in Ottawa’s closest suburban area, Orleans.

While going through a list of around 30 properties to consider, I made an executive decision to prioritize the property that I believed provided the best value and fulfilled most of my client’s requirements. This property became our top choice for the first day of house viewings. This strategy worked remarkably well, as my clients instantly fell in love with the home. After leaving the first house, they were convinced that it was an excellent option for them. Over the course of three days of showings, no other property came close to matching their needs. It’s rare to find a home that aligns so closely with one’s requirements during a house-hunting trip. Comparing every subsequent house to the first one greatly benefited us and provided clarity to my clients. Knowing that finding a second alternative was not desirable, it became crucial to secure this house.

Fortunately, we successfully acquired this property at a great price. I believe that adopting the tactic of starting the house-hunting trip with the top property can be an effective approach. My philosophy has always been to showcase the best properties on the first day, as there’s a high chance that if you like something, someone else might too. Additionally, this strategy allows you to respond promptly if one of the top properties receives an offer while you’re exploring secondary options.

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