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Posted on: August 10th, 2022 by Chris Scott

Ottawa is a very popular destination for military clients. Many come for a few years and get posted out only to return again with a promotion a few years down the road. With this type of short-term stay, you need to purchase at the right price to be able to sell with a nice profit when you get transferred out. Others may have their final stop in Ottawa and want to make sure they get a home that can suit their needs for years to come.

We thought we would share with you a few examples of homes we helped our military clients purchase in recent years and that they just sold this year:

Purchased in 2020 – $790,000
Sold in 2022 – $1,250,000

These clients sold their Fairwinds home with our team in 2017 and got transferred back to Ottawa in 2020, during a very challenging market for buyers. During their HHT they were clear they wanted to be back in Stittsville and find something with good value. The timing was not great as they were purchasing in a very fast sellers market. Our clients ended up competing in a multiple offer situation. It is important to note that we were not the highest offer in this multiple offer situation, but the seller wanted to work with us and sell to my clients. That one decision had an incredible impact for my clients. You can see what they bought it for back then and sold it for earlier this year.

Purchased in 2020 – $665,000
Sold in 2022 – $931,000

Another military client of ours purchased in 2020, during the same challenging market. They also wanted to live in, and ended up buying in Stittsville. This is a great example of how there are still deals to be had during a sellers market and we ended up getting a great deal for our buyers. The house needed new flooring on the main level and was passed up by other buyers because of this. Our clients were not phased by this small issue, they lived here for a few years, and then ended up getting new floors installed on the main floor. This small investment of a flooring project helped them capitalize on ideal conditions when they sold.

HHT’s are challenging and timing is everything, which is why having an experienced Realtor® on your side makes all of the difference when it comes to your biggest investment. We are here to help!

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