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Selling with our approved BGRS Ottawa Team

Posted on: July 19th, 2022 by Chris Scott

Our team prides ourselves in taking great care of our military clients. A big part of that is helping our clients who relocate to Ottawa purchase homes that will sell easily and appreciate nicely by the time they get transferred out. Selecting the right home, neighborhood, and community are also essential for the enjoyment of your time here. In short we know how important your Ottawa HHT is to you and your family. The house you buy will also have implications down the road when you sell. We need to make sure you are getting the right home for your needs.

Selling with our military specialists

The sale process is seamless with our team because we understand BGRS and have the appropriate partners who are all approved service providers. We are also one of Ottawa’s most recognizable military teams. We have the buyers coming in on postings that we can match up with our listings. One of our strategies is that we send out letters to prospective sellers ahead of posting season to spread awareness of incoming military buyers and our ability to match buyers with sellers of off market listings. This makes the process even smoother for everyone.

Some service providers no longer dealing with BGRS

Many prominent lawyers have decided no longer to accept BGRS files due to the low fee they receive for service in relation to their standard rates. This is something that we will keep an eye on moving forward. We still have some great lawyers on the list. Some Realtors are also pushing back and not accepting military sellers. While others are scaling back their services that they provide when selling a military members home.

This is not the case with our team. We offer the same high level of service clients have come to expect from us. Here are a few of the things that we are offering to our military clients:










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