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Posted on: June 5th, 2018 by Chris Scott
ottawa vs barrhaven
Ottawa is increasingly becoming a city with a clear price differential between some of the East end suburbs when compared to the west. Nothing could have illustrated this more than a recent house hunting trip. My clients were looking in both Barrhaven and Orleans with a budget of under 500k. They had Barrhaven as their ideal location but were open to looking at other areas. After looking at 15-20 properties together It was clear that one could get more house/square footage in Orleans for the same price as something in Barrhaven. The bigger question for my clients was is the price difference enough change their mind on Orleans?


Price of a detached 2 storey home with a one car garage:


Orleans:       $427,000    (YTD sales Jun 4/18)
Barrhaven    $454,750    (YTD sales Jun 4/18)


In the end, my clients went with their preferred location.  They (as do I) see the future of Ottawa being more West-centric. Especially for the military with its new DND location and the upcoming construction of the operational headquarters. My clients decided to pay a premium to be in the location they wanted. As a military Realtor, it is always good to look at future resale as well. I think because of the shift in DND jobs to west-end it will be a bit easier to resell in the future.


Orleans also has some great future prospects as well. Amazon just announced a new 1M square foot distribution centre and the LRT will extend out East in its next phase. The nice thing about buying in Ottawa is that no matter what location you choose, you cant go wrong! Our real estate market is one of the worlds most stable.


If you are in need of a military Realtor that knows Ottawa well and has experience with HHT’s please feel free to get in touch. This is what we specialize in.


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