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HHT – Door to Door Moves

Posted on: November 23rd, 2016 by Chris Scott

As a member of the Canadian Forces you are responsible for arranging a door to door move when you are relocating. By doing so, you are ensuring a smooth transition between households which allows you have a stress free relocation, be back to work sooner and incur fewer expenses during the moving process. This style of relocating is beneficial for you even though it requires a bit more planning. In order to coordinate the dates effectively, you must establish your “target” moving dates in advance. These dates create a timeline for you to plan your move. With your target dates in mind, you can then begin to plan your moving timeline which can include:

– Obtaining approval from your Chain of Command
– Planning a HHT
– Selecting your Property
– Negotiating the possession/occupancy dates to be close to the date you are to report to your new posting
– Coordinating your travel days with the packing of your home and travel to the new location
– Having your household goods delivered directly to your new home to eliminate the need for storing them
– Avoiding peak moving periods such as long weekends

While relocating can appear overwhelming at times, creating a timeline in advance will help plan a moving experience that will be easier on you and your entire family. If you are being posted in or out of the Ottawa area, I can help arrange a perfectly executed door to door move with your timeline in mind.

– Chris Scott

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