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Brookfield Reduces rates for Ontario Realtors

Posted on: November 16th, 2016 by Chris Scott

Effective Jan 1st/2017 Ontario Realtors will be paid less from Brookfield on all listing sales. This is on top of the already reduced rates they introduced a few years ago. This rate drop may have an impact on the services Realtors in Ottawa can offer to a military client on the listing side of the transaction. It will not affect buyers relocating to Ottawa.

It was a frustrating announcement for many of my military clients. The cuts are surely a result of the overheated markets in the GTA where average prices in the core are 1M. The effect this will have on Ottawa military sellers is yet to be seen. Likely it will afford Realtors less flexibility on value add services like videography and staging. It will also mean that co-operating buyer brokerages in Ottawa will get a smaller split. It is too bad because the main objective for military clients is to sell quickly for top dollar. I am not sure these new polices are in alignment to these objectives. I am working with my network of Realtors throughout Ontario to figure out ways to bring the best value to my military sellers in Ottawa. We have some creative solutions that can bring my clients the best possible services for the new Brookfield rates. Call or email me if you would like more information on this.

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