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Posted on: July 25th, 2019 by Chris Scott

DND management and OC Transpo are working together to resolve issues surrounding the DND headquarters on Carling Avenue. With the Ottawa light rail system launching, the plans are for quick and frequent service of the Carling Avenue location.

DND employees travelling from the west-end of Ottawa (Stittsville and Kanata) will have two options to transfer at either Moodie Station or Bayshore Station of which both will have frequent service to the DND. Route 66 will be revised once the LRT is up and running. It will be combined with Routes 101 and 103 as primary service to the DND.


Posted on: August 29th, 2018 by Chris Scott

As a relocation specialist, the first question that buyers often ask me is about commuting to the new NDHQ. For many, this will determine where they will purchase. Right now there is plenty of parking available at the facility but this may change over the upcoming years as more people get transferred to the building. OC Transpo has been working with the city and CAF officials to create a viable plan for those taking the bus.

Most customers across Ottawa will be able to travel to Carling campus with one transfer on bus routes 101, 103, and 152. The city extended the transitway from Bayshore to the Moodie off-ramp to help accommodate the extra bus users this relocation is going to create. Here is a map of the bus routes.

Many of my clients who are relocating to Ottawa end up choosing areas Stittsville, Kanata, and Barrhaven due to its relatively close proximity to the Carling campus. We are always happy to chat with you about your move. Feel free to reach out via my cell at 613-863-6999 or fill out our HHT booking ADD LINK sheet and we will be happy to assist. We have been doing this successfully for 14 years. We have an excellent track record of results and would be happy to assist.

For more information regarding Ottawa transit click here, it will give you some great insight into transit times to major DND work locations.