Why Hire Us?

When Buying:

First and foremost we are a team that works together to make sure our military clients have a great house hunting trip experience. We have worked with 100’s of military families who have relocated to Ottawa and know how important finding the right home is. We have all the right contacts that are approved for service that will make things easy. We work with BGRS and have a wealth of experience on their program that will help make the transition easier. The team concept is also something that cannot be overlooked. While we are out in the field looking at properties we have Stephanie and/or Courtney in the office helping with whatever comes up. Having other agents on our team is also essential to make sure that every client that comes in is always looked after no matter what!! Instead of hiring one person for the job you can hire a whole team! 

Check out this video below of our team coordinating an Ottawa military house hunting trip.

When Selling:

Selling through the BGRS system is something that we can help with. We are familiar with what is covered and what is not. We are a well-respected team that offers a full range of services to our military clients. We also have an amazing network of Realtors in Canada that are preferred partners to our clients when they get relocated out. 

Hiring the right team is quite important. As I write this I have my partner Colin organizing an HHT beside me. The last 3 hours have been spent on showing preparation. Calling agents, mapping out properties, and organizing a showing binder. We do lots of work behind the scenes so everything goes smoothly for our clients. No team will put as much effort as we do in making sure the service experience for our clients is nothing short of exceptional. We hope you have a chance to read through other client experiences and get in touch with us should you have any questions. 

Client Testimonials